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Everyday Raw

Want to have a delicious Raw meal everyday but don’t want take all day to make it or deal with the high cost of eating prepared gourmet raw? You have found the perfect class. This popular course offers some of the best recipes in the world of Gourmet Raw. In addition to being Raw_Vegan_Gluten Free_ Dairy Free, these recipes are quick, easy, practical, and delicious. This class provides all equipment and material and is completely hands on accompanied by informative demonstrations presented by our top instructors. Students will have the opportunity to feast on all that they create. This is a fun and exciting class that gives you a super boost into eating raw and achieving an exceptional health lifestyle.

Cost:   $400                                                             Duration: 14 hours (2 days)


Ultimate Raw Food Culinary Course and Chef Certification 

Get ready for the Ultimate Raw Culinary experience! If you are someone who truly values delicious food and wants to achieve one of the highest levels of health, this is the class for you. Learn it all. Our most popular course by far! This “Rawsome” course goes from fundamentals to the more advanced gourmet dishes, covering items such as dehydration and principle techniques all the way to the latest Raw Gourmet methods using sous vide and foam guns. Examples of items covered are Milks, Cheeses, Breads, Crackers, Luscious Desserts, and highly craved Italian, Mexican, American Comfort foods, and Asian entrees. In addition, you will receive courses on how to grow wheat grass mini gardens and sprouts, how to detox, as well as the latest inspiring nutritional and raw health education. The class is Hands ON training providing absolutely all necessary materials, high quality ingredients, and use of equipment and tools. All students will receive a Raw Food Chef Certification upon completion of the course and all written instructions and recipes. Students receive ample servings of all dishes created, so come with an appetite. This is wonderful experience into the “Raw World” that will delight the taste buds, grow your knowledge, and enrich your health. This is the most economical raw culinary academy in the country, offering an exceptional certification, for an exceptional price. Come and be amazed at the world’s most unique and ultra delicious health gourmet.

Cost:   $950                                                              Duration: 28 to 30 hours (4 days)



 Mini Raw Chefs: A Course for Kids and Parents!

A fun, safe and exciting course for your little one (ages 6 to 12.) If you wish your children to be more excited about eating their fruits and veggies, this is a great way to make it fun, interesting, and delicious! “Mini Chefs” working side by side with their parent and assistance from their chef instructor(s), will make their own delicious treats, including “ants on a log”, AB&J (almond butter and jelly sandwich), fruit smoothies, chocolate candies, and healthy brownies. Also, lots of fun raw food games! They will also get an easy to understand and fun mini lesson on health nutrition. This is an excellent course for children to start achieving optimal health at a young age and it’s FUN!!! Plus parents learn some fabulous dishes as well!

Cost:   $450 per Parent/Child Partnership                                                             Duration: 5 hours


The Ultimate Raw Detoxification 21 day Challenge

A course that offers a life-changing raw food detoxification and healing. The course will provide education, guidance, support, and structure on one of the most effective Raw Food Protocols, as administered at pricey raw food retreats; Be prepared to experience a profound life changing health transformation. Topics we will cover for include “what to eat and what not to eat (even if its raw)”, “what types of detox symptoms to expect”, “the psychology and mental aspects of being on a cleanse”, “why it effects the body the way it does”, ’the tricks of the trade regarding cravings, social situations, and lifestyle” and most importantly  “the health transformation you should expect to achieve”, “Proteins and Fats and their effects on the human body.” This class will ensure that you are fully equipped with the knowledge to be successful. Nothing is held back in this course.  The foods and successful recipes will be provided during class so you can experience first-hand what to expect. Whether you are interested in losing excessive weight, healing a serious condition, or just wanting to experience an unprecedented profound level of health, this class is essential for the true raw food health seeker. Visit us at www.therawoasis.com for more details.

Cost:   $375                                                    Duration: 16 hours (8 days, during a 30 day period)

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