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The Living Cuisine Academy is an education center dedicated to providing its students with the knowledge to achieve immense healing and health transformations through Living Cuisine (Raw Food). It is a school open to anyone who wishes to explore this amazing 100% natural cuisine. Whether you are someone who is seeking optimal health or wanting to dive deeper into raw this school is dedicated to you. Due to the increasing challenges many are facing with their health today, we understand the importance of this education. The quality of life for most has been greatly diminished due to health issues. This does not have to be the case. The raw food lifestyle results in amazing health transformation. Living foods provides the strength and integrity your body needs to cleanse and heal. The Living Cuisine Academy empowers its students with the essential knowledge on how to achieve the vitality, energy, and a high quality of life that comes from a living foods lifestyle. We offer many courses on raw food cuisine as well as healing and detoxification.

Our Gourmet Raw Food courses cover amazing recipes that would delight and astonish the most selective epicurean. Each class is hands-on, utilizing all the equipment and machinery involved in living cuisine preparation. All classes are supplied with organic, vegan, gluten free living food ingredients. The recipes have been tried and tested. They are "Best in Class". Come learn from experience chefs and enjoy the feast and the health that comes with living cuisine.

Detoxification, Healing & Lifestyle courses empower students with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to detox as well as sustain themselves, long term, on a raw food lifestyle. The courses are expansive and cover many topics that are essential to successful healing. We provide protocols on various types of raw food healing philosophies ranging from “low fat raw vegan” to “high green and sprouts”. We cover many critical topics such as how to overcome social, physical, and emotional pitfalls from detoxification and lifestyle. We also address current misinformation and controversies. This education is crucial for anyone who wishes to achieve the ultimate levels of health resulting in the highest quality of life. Raw food lifestyles are amazing. Come and be transformed!

What:  The Ultimate Raw Gourmet Course with Certification: A 4 day comprehensive Raw experience covering over 40 exceptional recipes, detoxification, health science, sprouting etc. Click Here to Register.
When:   Thurs-Sun. November 5-8, 10-5:00 pm
Where:  The Raw Oasis 5227 W. Broward Blvd Plantation, FL 33317
Tuition:  $950

Visit the Green Wave Café website @ thegreenwavecafe.com

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Address: 5227 W. Broward Blvd
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Phone: 954-608-1121
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